The Profile of Hahns Violin

Hahns Violin was established by Koreans violin masters to supply their handmade violins for users directly.

We, Hahns violin make fine handmade instruments at affordable prices. Five Koreans violin masters make our products by their delicate hands. All our making process is done by human hands and we use only natural varnish for our violin.

Our best technicians have been dedicating their sweat to make better violin which was recognized as one of the best handmade violin in the world by famous musicians. We are proud of our violins which can be kept as antique instruments from generation to generation.

The belly of Hahns violin is made of spruce which comes from the Mt. Baekdoo(2,744m above sealevel) in the North Korea. The back of our violin is made of hard maple which is from Tibet in China, the Mt. Baekdoo in the North Korea and the Miyanma. All our wood materials were dried for 10 years naturally.

If you are looking for the best quality of handmade violin at affordable price, please think of Hahns Violin

Thank you.

The President of Hahns Violin