Hahns mission to create the most marvelous tone color feeling soul based on prominent work like antique instrumets.

    HAHNS VIOLIN, the choice is yours.




  A Violin By Hahns
Seoul, 1996

 A Violin By Hahns
Seoul, 1997


Good quality of wood and wood frame

  • Hard-maple and spruce which are radial-cut for diffuse-porous of pore, and get well have dried during 10 years for good vibrations and sound effects.

  • Our wood frame is made with artist soul of great effective sound, which consist of two harmonious different parts. One is reflected on the surface of violin, others are absorbed into violin body.

  • Hadness of the wood is required for important factor of energy medium of vibration.

  • Because of the use of hard wood, decrease of the inner friction is less than using soft wood, and range of sound which is wide.

  • Wavy grain is advanced and it makes decorative effect of it's bright graining and harder, but light, which the sound pitch makes a great combination.

Natural Varnishes
Natural Varnishes and Pigments Used by Hahns in making Classical String Instruments

Natural Varnishes
  • Cerac
  • Elemi
  • Rosin
  • Gomma Lacca Di Cerata
    Natural Pigments
  • Curcuma Povere
  • Sangue Di Drago
  • Paduca
  • Ratania Bubbia
  • Sandallo
  • and two additional pigments

    For Your reference, we introduce a technical varnish features of Hahns Violin.
  • Coating by use of natural coating material
    Coating material is consisted of mixed three(3) to four(4) kinds of
    natural instrument body and coating of first(1) to two(2) times is
    directed to interior of it.
  • Coating features
    "Crackled-type" coating to the overall surface of the instrument by
    a reactive action of coating material, and
    "Planar" coating to the overall exterior of the instrument.
  • Multiplicity of coating color(s)
    Resurgence of classical colors such as a yellowish brown color,
    yellowish brown red color and yellowish orange color by using
    five(5) to six(6) kinds of natural pigments which had been used
    in Stradivari's and Guarneri's time.
  • Tone quality, tone color, tone(s) and rhythm(s)
    We believe that it is a matter to be managed by considering characteristic
    of wide range of sound quality. Accordingly, it should be considered
    the tastes of artist. Of course, we can provide the musical instrument
    adopted for artist's taste and requirement.


 A Violin By Hahns
Seoul, 1996

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A Violin By Hahns
Seoul, 1998